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If an older man bought her, what would be expected?Would she have to learn about his lurid whims, and perform obscene acts to his satisfaction?Uncomfortably, she was ecstatic from a mixture of blatant exhibitionism, and the dire humiliation. It shook her from a fantasy, enough to take a grip, and perform the rehearsed pantomime.If she wasn't sold quickly, she might orgasm before all these strangers ogling her fabulous body. She had been told to walk around the stage, for all the bidders to get a good look at her.

She hadn't expected an intimate description of her body, as she'd not filled in that section. Jilly had been in front of her, ready to drape the auction number thirty-six around her neck, when she was called away.

If he didn't look rich or sophisticated, he didn't want her for himself.

Rather, he would be an agent, buying her for an unknown wealthy man, or maybe to work in a brothel. Perhaps a rich Arab, or maybe someone more salubrious?

Jack watched the reaction around him as his wife paraded around the stage. What or who convinced her to strip off for everyone to see her body?

He'd missed her entrance and her description by the auctioneer.

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He made a point, emphasising that her ass was virginal, with a tight grip.

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