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Next, we set the opacity of the new image to 0 so that we can fade it in using the animate() function.

Finally, we attach a callback to remove the z-index classes from the previous image when animate() completes.

For the slideshow animation we are going to switch between each photo at a set rate.In the interest of following j Query’s motto of “writing less and doing more,” let’s write a simple slideshow using j Query, Java Script and a bit of CSS.Download the complete slideshow here Read the FAQs For starters, our main goal should be keeping the markup as clean as possible: Due to absolute positioning, we need to define the height of the slideshow DIV.If you want to improve this function, try setting the animation speed with a variable so the main slideshow function can be thrown into the core and left alone.Also, this slideshow is easily converted to support DIV’s instead of IMG’s—try programming a slideshow with more content.

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This is because through absolute positioning, the last image appears on top, and we need to start with it if we want to avoid any flicker.

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