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Lots of fruit tea—I love it; can't get enough of it. I'm just about the only New Yorker who doesn't drink coffee. Coffee—that's pretty standard I guess; read the news. It's usually about The Cold War, I'm not going to lie.

There is a really good tea place in Grand Central Station in the market, where they sell really nice fruit teas. At night, I have this thing, because I used to get very home sick when I started boarding school—my parents used to send me tape recordings of them reading books, and I'd get one every couple of days.

As we begin our conversation, Max Irons puts aside an article he's been reading in the Daily Mail. There was also a bit of opera singing so I had to work with an opera coach, even though, believe it or not, I was dubbed in the movie. To me the violent scene was unpleasant, but the scene where Holliday Grainger, who plays my girlfriend, came in and was basically assaulted, was the worst. I was getting in trouble a bit at school, and they thought they should send me away to make me appreciate how lucky I was to have the education I had.

"The US Navy's 'Ghost Hunter' Hits The Water: Robo-Boats Set To Track Down Silent Enemy Submarines For Months At A Time," reads the headline—one he relays with earnest excitement. I had to look as if I was breathing correctly so when we were filming I was actually singing—but I didn't make the film. These are all great, young actors, and the dialogue is full of bile and violence and sexism and homophobia that it gets into your bones. So, if anything, I was in a club of actors, which is a nightmare as you can imagine.. I worked in an office as a receptionist, then I was a barman for a couple of years. I used to be very good at doing stuff with passion fruit and experimenting with different types of hot toddies. You were also a teacher in Zimbabwe for a short period, right? A friend of my family sponsored a young child there named Lovejoy, who founded a school there, so I went to live with him and work for his school.

The 27-year-old actor has just finished his run as Stephen Bellamy in Beau Willimon’s play in London. “It was killer, but it was great.” Now Irons is in New York for a few days to see his girlfriend and do press for his finale of his Starz miniseries, .

Though you wouldn’t know it from his patient demeanor, Max Irons is tired.

His thoughtful curiosity is just one facet of Irons's understated charm, which, at its core, seems to be comprised of the manner of a man who's never known quite how pretty he is and the humble assurance of one who always has. How did their stories compare with the way the club was depicted in the movie? It was about two Mormon kids that went to Central Park and ended up beating a gay guy to death—very bleak—but Neil La Bute is a great writer, and it was my first intense acting experience I've ever had. I can't remember what it's called, but I am actually specifically going to go back for this red tea. Now, if I can't sleep I will listen to audio books. I don't rattle easily, but made me queasy, more because of the total lack of humanity the characters display than the actual gore. Watching it wasn't the problem; it was actually the filming of it that was so unpleasant.“They were ruthless,” comments Irons of the time period. I want to do theater periodically— reminded me how great it is. I trained in theater and then I kind of fell into film and TV. “You had to be to stay in control—your own brother is trying to kick you off the throne. His brother and his best friend and his advisor tried to kill him and then he had them back to court, invited them back. Allegiances are so important to maintain, because without them you’d be nothing. I want to work with interesting artists, talented actors, talented directors, and talented scripts. If you look at the careers of Philip Seymour Hoffmann, Paul Giamatti, Meryl Streep, none of them shot up in terms of fame or fortune or recognition, they laid a platform of good, solid work and became better and better. I’ve done a couple of films, which were intended to go straight up.

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It’s all about maintaining that power—securing that power—and I think Edward was very skillful at doing that. Opinions are split, if you look at what he’s done and written about him. The things he intended to do—unify the country, expand it all from coast to coast—were very modern and radical in those days. BROWN: There’s a story about how Dominic West didn’t want to sign a five-year contract for very violent story about a young Mormon who goes to Central Park with his friend and beats up a gay guy. IRONS: No, and also I don’t want to refer to myself as Maximilian.

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